Next Generation Platform to manage your food chain

Meet the next generation of robust, secure restaurant POS systems from Thrive. Run efficient online ordering, curb side pickup, and delivery. Connect your front of house, kitchen, and back-office operations with the industry’s most secure cloud point of sale.Whether you’re looking to grow, adapt, or become more efficient, our solutions are fast to deploy and ready to work just as hard as you do, right out of the box.


What do you achieve through Thrive Retail
Suite ?

Our restaurant management software does more than connect your front of house, kitchen, and back office. It helps you spot opportunities. Forecast trends, reduce waste, optimize staff management, update your menu in real time, and boost customer loyalty in a single all-in-one platform.

Speed up customer purchase transactions

Technology speeds up everything and POS will do the same for your store’s purchase transaction. The synchronization between devices integrated with POS such as barcode scanner, card swiper, printer, and so on can reduce the time per transaction.

Bringing in a seamless customer experience

A loyalty Program integrated with POS could make the process of managing and spending reward points more convenient. The total discount price will be calculated and directly subtracted from the amount value of the transaction.

Increase in Revenue Available per seat per hour

The Thrive retail suite is able to reduce the time per transaction. Thus, your checkout counter could serve more clients per hour. It helps improve potential revenue per seat per hour which is a key performance metric for your brand.

Stock Management done right at every stage

With the traditional register, staff have to physically view inventory while POS supports them to automate checking stock on-screen. Any stock adjustment/ wastage/ theft, the data can be logged in the inventory adjustments for further reference.

Better Customer Journey Management

Now, It is possible to document your customers’ information in your system. It can be their name, phone number, purchases, e-mail, etc. You can send promotions to your customers to incentivize them to visit your shop to build customer loyalty.

Easier Employee Performance Tracking

Our platform gives the feasibility to track Individual staff linked to a specific transaction. Therefore, POS supports managers to identify a single individual with weak and strong sales figures to indulge a spirit of healthy competition among employees.

Efficient Omnichannel Experience

A growing business right now needs to emphasize offline and online experiences for their customers. Thrive Retail Suite offers food chains to set up their own home delivery channel with daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions to enhance their revenue.

Increase in Kitchen Efficiency through KOD

Thrive retail suite helps Quick service restaurants to increase the efficiency of chefs and kitchen staff by showcasing the recipes for each and every product selected by customers. KOD also tracks the time taken by kitchen staff to deliver the product to customers.

Comprehend your Food Chain ROI

Thrive Retail suite helps food chains to measure the Return on Investment through these reports - The best selling product line, Which store is the most successful, Products with the best margins, Best salesman of your team, Top selling coupons, etc.

Are you looking to become a Smart Food Chain


Are you a growing retail chain?

Every retail chain faces challenges in maintaining multiple software platforms for various business procedures. Our team at thrive works with your retail chain to set up an end to end omni channel commerce solution. We enable our retail suite for your brand to flourish as the best in the market

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