Next Generation Platform to Manage your Retail chains

A typical retail management system would be comprised of a Point Of Sale (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order Management, Warehouse management Purchasing and Receiving, Inventory Management, Reporting, and Dashboard applications.We  ensure our retail suite system takes into consideration all the needs of your business process as well as your customers to provide that top-notch omni channel shopping experience.


What do you achieve through Thrive Retail Suite ?

There’s no one solution that covers everything including point of sale, inventory management, CRM, accounting, supply chain management, and eCommerce. We recommend our clients to take advantage of our personalised retail suite that’s the perfect fit for any retail chain across the globe.

Bringing in the best user-friendly interface

By far the biggest challenge we hear from major retail chains is that their existing system is non-intuitive; they are looking for a new system and their primary requirement is ease-of-use and speed in the POS application.

Streamlining transaction processing

With Thrive Retail Suite, sales transactions become faster and easier. Retailers can immediately access product prices, availability, and stock location through the customizable POS screen in their outlets.

Smart Intuitive POS Interface for Employees

Accelerate checkouts, offer upsells and cross-sells through the suggestive selling of linked items, and implement automatic discounts for frequent shoppers. Access customer profiles and handle multiple payment modes at checkout with ease

Improving efficiency and minimizing manual errors

Thrive Retail Suite will help retailers organize, simplify, and automate the otherwise tedious day-to-day business operations and transactions, and reduce the effort required for repetitive manual activities.

Ability to control promotions & coupons

Thrive Retail Suite will help retailers plan promotions, forecast their performance, and analyze the results. Thus, retailers can offer customers discounts at the point of sale whilst being able to limit the impact of those activities on the product’s profitability.

Better inventory management

Thrive Retail Suite will provide details on current stock and identify additional stock required to smoothly operate the business. Then retailers place proper purchase orders, thus avoiding surplus, and minimizing waste.

Better Customer Journey Management

Now, It is possible to document your customers’ information in your system. It can be their name, phone number, purchases, e-mail, etc. You can send promotions to your customers to incentivize them to visit your shop to build customer loyalty.

Easier Employee Performance Tracking

Our platform gives the feasibility to track Individual staff linked to a specific transaction. Therefore, POS supports managers to identify a single individual with weak and strong sales figures to indulge a spirit of healthy competition among employees.

Efficient Omnichannel Experience

Many retailers are moving to support multiple channels – retail stores, e-commerce websites, mail-order catalogs… As they roll out new channels, thrive retail suite helps them to manage them all in one place.

Providing KPI’s for Analysis and Decision Making

Thrive Retail Suite enables retail chains to access, analyze, and share current, detailed data across the entire business which include built-in statistics and KPIs for users viewable directly.

Comprehend your Retail Chain ROI

Thrive Retail suite helps retail chains to measure the Return on Investment through these reports - The best selling product line, Which store is the most successful, Products with the best margins, Best salesman of your team, Top selling coupons, etc.

Are you looking to become a Smart Retail Chain

Are you a growing food chain?

Every food chain aspires to be the finest, with consistent quality in terms of taste and service. They tumble because of their slow softwares which kills their operational time and productivity. Our team at thrive handpicks emerging food chains and encourages them to achieve an increase in franchisees, customer acquisition, and retention.

It’s time you stop compromising on your software.
Let’s progress to the future.